Unturned servers rules

Here you can find the general rules and for each Unturned servers

Not respecting the rules can lead to actions of varying severity ranging from a simple mute or kick to a temporary or permanent ban both on IG and/or on Discord.

General Rules

  • Respect All Players: Treat all players with respect. Harassment, bullying, and discrimination are strictly prohibited.

  • No Cheating or Hacking: Use of mods, hacks, or any other tools to gain an unfair advantage is forbidden.

  • No Exploiting Glitches: Report any bugs or glitches to the admins. Do not exploit them for personal gain.

  • Keep Chat Clean: No spamming, advertising, or inappropriate language in chat. Keep conversations friendly and suitable for all ages.

  • No Impersonation: Do not impersonate other players, especially server staff.

  • No Griefing: Do not destroy, steal, or modify other players' structures or belongings without permission.

  • Base Raiding: Follow server-specific rules regarding base raiding. Do not use exploits or glitches to raid bases.

  • Building Guidelines: Build at least a certain distance away from other players' bases unless you have their permission. Avoid blocking important locations or resources.

  • Resource Gathering: Do not hoard or monopolize resources. Share and play fairly.

  • Vehicle Use: Do not intentionally destroy vehicles or block important pathways with them. Follow rules regarding vehicle storage and usage.

  • No AFK Farming: Actively participate in gameplay. Do not use methods to farm resources while away from the keyboard.

  • Respect Protected Areas: Do not build or modify areas marked as protected or reserved for server projects or events.

  • Keep Structures Reasonable: Avoid creating massive structures that cause lag or disrupt the game environment.

  • Listen to Admins and Moderators: Follow instructions given by server staff. They are there to help maintain a positive environment.

  • Report Issues: Use the proper channels to report rule violations or server issues.

  • No Toxic Behavior: Avoid rage-quitting, gloating, or any toxic behavior that can ruin the experience for others.

  • Use Appropriate Usernames and Avatars: Ensure usernames and avatars are appropriate and not offensive.

  • No Sharing of Personal Information: Protect your privacy and the privacy of others. Do not share personal information in chat or through other means.

  • Participate in Events: Engage in community events and activities. Respect the rules specific to each event.

  • Be a Positive Community Member: Help new players, contribute to the community, and be a good role model.

  • Encourage Fair Play: Promote and encourage fair play and good sportsmanship among fellow players.

  • Avoid Exploiting Game Mechanics: Do not use unintended mechanics or glitches in survival gameplay to gain an advantage.

ArmadaSurvival #1-2 Specific Rules

  • Don't ask for loot from staff.

  • You are not allowed to build on a road, bridges or in Points of Interest.

  • No sky bases. Underwater bases must have enough water above them to let boats pass.

  • No microphone or chainsaw spamming.

  • Vandalism, stealing and/or breaking into someone’s house is not allowed.

  • Place a sign in front of your base with your USERNAME and last DATE of connection to avoid the wipe of your base.

  • Do not steal the loot of horde beacons of other players.

  • Crops cannot be picked by anyone but the owner.

  • Only 1 base and 1 shop permitted by player (both count for the base limits described under).

  • No claim flags are allowed where a lot of players build bases.

  • Claymores and mines are not allowed to be placed on cars, with one exception. You can use them when doing horde beacons, but remove them afterwards.

  • Base limits:

    1-3 Players - 6x6x5 180 | 4-5 Players - 6x6x6 216 | 6-9 Players - 7x7x6 294 | 10+ Players - 8x8x8 512

  • Max construction size on Vehicles:

    Horizontally: It needs to fit on the road. | Vertically: Two times the height of the vehicle. | Length: Two times the length of the vehicle.

  • Max plants and trees per BASE:

    Plants: 400 | Trees: 50


    Do you have a Vehicle? Lock it and store it in a garage when you’re not using it, don't park it on the road. Put unused vehicles in your garage.

  • If you find someone abusing their permissions, kits or glitching: report it and get a reward!

  • More information if need in our discord server: discord.gg/ArmadaNetwork

  • ENJOY!

ArmadaSurvivalRP #3 Specific Rules

  • SOON

    Rules will be available when the server is open

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