ArmadaSurvivalRP #3

You’re a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of society, and must work with your friends and forge alliances to remain among the living.

Our new RP server!

Roleplay, meet players, join a job, rent house or make yours, a new life begin!

Basics IG commands

/kits (See the list of kits you have access)

/kit survive (Default kit with some stuff to survive)

/kit campbase (Kit to start you base with wall, roof, foundation, bedrool, sign, placard and campfire)


/discord (To get the link of the discord server)—-

/tpa {playername} (Ask Teleport to the player you want)

/tpa accept (Accept the demand of teleport from the player)


/cv (Basic command to vote events)

/cv day (Vote to make days)

/cv night (Vote to make night)

/cv rain (Vote to make rain)

/cv norain (Vote to make sun)

/cv airdrop (Vote to make an AirDrop)

/cv healall (Vote to make heal everyone)


/garage (Show the Garage Menu)

/garage add {name you want}(Add a vehicle to your garage, you need to lock it and look it and do the command)

/garage list (Show the vehicles you have in your garage without the menu)

/garage retrieve {name of the vehicle}(Get the vehicles you have in your garage without the menu)

/garage delete (Delete the vehicles you have in your garage but you lost it)


/vaults (see available vault for you)

/vault [name – optional] (go to the vault)


/balance (see the money we have)

/pay (pay someone with ur money)

/cost [id] – Checks the price of an item in the shop.

/buy [id] – Buys the item from the shop.

/sell [id] – Sells the item to the shop.

/vcost – Checks the price of a vehicle in the shop.

/vbuy – Buys the vehicle from the shop.


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